We Do Retaining Walls In Washington, PA

GM Contracting is a locally owned, fully certified, and insurance approved retaining wall contractor in Washington. If you’re looking to create a dramatic hardscape for your home, GM Contracting custom retaining walls in Washington may be just what you need. Not only do retaining walls smooth out uneven, fragmented lawns, they offer environmental benefits as well, such as controlling soil erosion, preventing flooding and stabilizing slopes.

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Retaining Walls in Washington, PA by GM Contracting

Washington Retaining Wall Repair

The amazing features of retaining wall purposes on your residential property lie inside your unique vision and imagination. You can first determine what type of style you would like to accomplish that best suits your garden demands and gains all the necessary advantages for structural or decorative purposes.

There are several design methods that can be used in building one of our custom retaining walls. Some types include:

  • Circular Design
  • Convex Curves
  • Straight Line
  • Curved Lines
  • Semi Circular
  • Concave Curves
  • Zig Zag
Retaining Walls in Washington, PA

If you need help repairing an already built retaining wall on your property, trust us to restore your hardscaping to its original state. We can repave, restack and rebuild retaining walls of various materials to make sure your landscaping features last a lifetime.

Build Your Dream Garden Retaining Wall in Washington

What truly sets us apart is not our superior craftsmanship or dedicated and friendly service, but our understanding that we are building is more than a backyard, we’re helping to build memories. Our drive to see the positive impact our work does for your loved ones is what helps us to create beautiful retaining walls for our clients.

We build beautiful steps and retaining walls to help you manage your property’s changes in elevation. We specialize in working with stone, both natural and precast, or wood––or both!

Ask our experts how you can get the retaining wall structures you’ve always wanted. Call us today at 724-760-7670 for custom retaining walls in Washington.

What is GM Contracting’s Mission?

GM Contracting’s mission is to be the best retaining wall contractor in Washington, PA and to bring experience, expertise and quality to each retaining wall project.  We continue to upgrade and expand facilities to better serve the growing market for public works projects, commercial, educational, residential, and other construction development. Before you start your next concrete construction project, please stop by our office at 100 Adios Drive Suite 1123, Washington, PA 15301 to experience the service of one of the top-rated Washington retaining wall contractors.

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